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Need customers? Effective marketing with JerseyShey Designs can help with that! We provide strategic marketing and advertising for small and large businesses around the country. JerseyShey Designs provides the research needed to create you a marketing plan that will grow your profits, reach your target market and get results. Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Local Marketing & Advertising and More!


Let JerseyShey Designs Web Design Studio create your online vision with a website that works with you and for you. We specialize in functional, affordable and creative designs. From Landing Pages to E-Commerce Websites, JerseyShey Designs will bring your online vision to life.  Already have a website? Let us provide the Jersey EffectWe can have your website up in as little as 7 days!

​social mediacreation

Let's get social. Stay connected with your customers. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Or Even a Dating Profile! JerseyShey Designs Web Design Studio can make socializing easy!  Call Us Today!


There's more to Creation then just business! JerseyShey Designs Web Design Studio satisfies all things the World Wide Web. You need it created? We got you covered! Crown Funding Pages, Online Petitions, Restaurant Menus, You Tube and Video Presentations , Commercials and More!


Are you ready to BRAND your business? Start with a LOGO! JerseyShey Designs Web Studio will create a logo your customer wil always regcongnize and respect. 


It's time for Branding your business! You have an idea now you need customers! Get everything you need to win! Business Cards - Brochures - Retractable Banners - Flyers - Vendor Supplies - And More!


Let JerseyShey Designs assist you in making a BIG statement for your Small Business. We take pride in Designing functional, fabulous, financially affordable websites that will work for you while making and save you money!







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