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ABOUT jerseyshey


Thank you for your business and interest in JerseyShey Designs. I have been designing websites and marketing campaigns for 15 years. I love design and creation. I am excited about a finish product that is functional and will make life easier. Not only will i create and design you a incredible and user friendly website. I will make your website earn it's keep. 

​​Your Website

Your website is  a branch of your business. It functions as your Online Representative. It assist your customers, displays your services, promotes products and at times takes payment.  It is the only one that can speak on your behalf when your not physically there. So what it says and how is very important. 

​My Process
 First is to make sure to magnify the brand. The websites design must represent your style and image in every way. We will start with the lay out ( The Bones ) so that it's user friendly and  clear to understand. Then we will give it relevant content. Next we will make it  functional and easy to manuever and last we will commercialize it and make it somewhere your customers want to come back too! Presentation is KEY, JerseyShey Designs will give you that Online WOW Factor while WOWing you about the money you save.            

                                                                                          Thanks Again, Shey Morton



Business911 Starting B911 TV


Want more information for your business. Take business tips, strategies, and advertisements on the go with Business911 TV!

Business911 is going YOU-TUBE ! Get your business advertised for free. Business911 TV Starts on Sept. 15th. First 10 ADs Free during commercial. B911



JerseyShey Designs is looking for talented , creative Interns.

Do you have a eye for design?

Are you good at editing?

Read Alot? Researchers Needed!



Clean As Can Bee!! Cleaning and Organizing NOW Selling Franchises


Looking to start your own cleaning company? Do buy into franchises that charge you lots of money for set up and refferals. 

Pay a small onetime only fee for materials. 

Then GO!

Contact for Info

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