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Click Funnel  ( Per Product )

Click Funnel ( Per Product )


Are you ready to take your clients on a journey? Or are you just ready to get some help because you are a one man show?


What is a Click Funnel?

A click funnel is a series of pages that lead to a conversion event. Prospects often enter a click funnel through a link on a social media post, a paid search ad or an email. That link takes the prospect to a landing page specific to a product or service your business sells.


There is fortune in the follow up! Let your website do all the work for you!


Price Includes: ONE PRODUCT ( Already on your website )

  • Up to 3 Responses / Emails to follow up based  on what was clicked
  • ( Example: Someone purchase a consultation, they get a email asking them to complete a discovery form,  a day later another email with a promo code to purchase coaching , another email  a day after asking them to sign up for your Facebook Group ) You choose the journey or additonal things to purchase that will compliment the first purchase. 
  • Several Products? Change the Quanity ( Make sure to add info for each )

* You will receive a follow up email incase you had documents or videos to add as funnels

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