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Promotion Videos

Promotion Videos


Have a visual effect on your clients. Get commercials and promotional videos for You-Tube, Facebook, Instagram and for your website. We can use your pictures or add pictures! 

Great for Grand Openings and Special Product Debuts!

  • Video Length

    Promotional Videos

    15-30 seconds ( Up to 3 Pictures )

    30-45 seconds ( Up to 5 Pictures )

    45-60 seconds ( Up to 6 Pictures )

    50-90 seconds ( Up to 9 Pictures )

    2.5 min run over allowed

  • Edits

    There is only (1) EDIT on any promotional video. Any remakes or additional edits are done at a fee.

  • Turnaround Time

    Videos are done within (72) hours/ 3 Days from receipt of promotion information. Edits will take an additional (48) hours

  • Remakes ( Please Read! )

    Because Videos are REcreated in its entirety each time it is edited. We only allow (1) edit per video. Any additional edits/remakes/downloads of the video will be $15.99 Each

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