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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance


Need some things changed on your website? We provide maintenance monthly or one time!

Maintenance will cover (1hour) of updates and edits


What kind of things do you get via Maintenance?

  • Changing or adding pictures
  • Adding up to (5) Ecommerce products - same price items
  • Color changes 
  • Blog additions
  • Page additions and removals ( you must have 100% of the content )
  • Event changes / Date changes / Location changes
  • Calendar changes
  • Address Changes / Contact Info Changes

Not all are included for the one hour / these are options 


?? Not sure how long your edits or changes may take? Call Us (919)589-2911

  • No Refunds

    No refunds on any design or maintenance

  • Turn Around Times

    Maintenance and edits can take up to (3) days

  • Website Access

    We need to be able to get into your website to provide maintenance. Please provide :

    Unsername / Email

    Host Name ( where its build )


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